On December 26, some netizens uploaded a video of pandas

On December 26, some netizens uploaded a video of pandas

playing with kitchen knives. In the video, the panda “Mengmeng”

holds a kitchen knife in both hands and puts it on his face. Some visitors see it and shout at the panda, “It’s too dangerous, throw it away, throw it away”, and then “Mengmeng” throws the kitchen knife away. Video has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

Today (December 27), the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base responded by saying that on December 26, at 9 am, the on-duty keepers replaced new enrichment items and added bamboo for them at the Mengmeng Stadium,

because the kitchen knife used to cut the rope of the original enrichment items was forgotten in the stadium. “Mengmeng” found the kitchen knife in the stadium and put it in his hand to play. The security guard on duty next to the stadium soon found

out and notified the keeper. The keeper immediately took “Mengmeng” back to the veterinary shed, took the kitchen knife away, and made a detailed inspection of “Mengmeng”

to confirm that she had not been harmed, and then put it back to the stadium.

According to the base, the keeper has always been careful in his daily work,

full of deep feelings for each giant panda, and is very sorry and self-reproached for his negligence. In order to deeply learn the lesson and seriously work discipline, the base has made the following treatment to

the breeders concerned: 1. Convening a general meeting of all breeders to give serious criticism and education to the breeders, requiring all breeders to take precautions; 2. I submit a written review and report criticism

within the base; 3. Canceling the qualifications of the excellent staff of the breeder this year; 4. Deducting the performance of the breeders. Effective salary; 5. Deduction of performance salary of relevant managers. The accident exposed the shortcomings of the base management. The base is profoundly


introspective and will comprehensively

check the loopholes in the work,

cite one example from another,

and rectify the problems as soon as possible.